Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My babies

I just love to watch and hear my children play.  They are so beautiful.  I could watch for hours and enjoy every minute of it.  How happy they are.  The cares of life have not hit hard yet. I remember some of my carefree days.  It was wonderful!
All I could think about was what or who I was going to pretend to be next.  Which friend or sibling would join me.
I see my 8 year old talking to herself when know one else is playing with her.  She is soooo funny!  She loves to imagine she is someone else.  She makes me laugh seeing her run all over the yard in a long dress with a bonnet I purchased for her at the thrift store.  She loves to read Little House On the Prairie. So I know who she is pretending to be.  I have my very own Laura Ingalls!
My 3 year old they say, talks like I did when I was little.  She sounds so cute.  She can't quite pronounce her R's yet.  I think that is somewhat common in children.  I still remember when I couldn't say kitchen.  I would try so hard to say it but I would end up saying chicken.  She does the same thing. 

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