Friday, November 26, 2010

A Happy Find

Saturdays seem to be my busiest days of the week.  So most Saturdays, you will find me going crazy because I don’t have time to go treasure hunting.  One Saturday I was so busy, I didn’t have time to buy but just look.  I saw these beauties just sitting on her lawn begging me to take them home.  I DIDN’T HAVE TIME.  I thought about them all week long.  How much did she sell them for?  Did they work? …. and so on and so forth.  Well, that following Saturday, she had another yard sale, and there they were!!!   OMG, they were there waiting for me.  I asked her the important question (How Much?).  She Said $5 each.  Did I hear her right?  Yep, so here they are.  My oldest daughter wont let me sell both, because she wants one for her room.  We will have to see.  There are a lot of things I don’t end up selling because of her.  She’s too spoiled.  LOL

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

At the Last Minute

One busy Saturday when it was getting late, I was driving around to see if I could find any yard sales left.  Around here, the yard sales end around 12-1pm.  I spotted one and hoped to find a little something.  When I drove up, I could see that they were about sold out.  Just a few odds and ends were hanging around.  The good thing about hunting at the very last minute is, that most of these people want to get rid of it so they practically give it to you by the prices they go down to.  I picked up a spool of vintage lace for $1, a tape recorder that possibly didn’t work for 25cents, a skirt for my daughter for $1, and then I spotted this chain full of these little wooden block samples.  Oh the crafting ideas that went through my mind in about 3 seconds!  I got them all for 25 cents.  These are tags I made to go on some of the items I sell on Etsy.  

This was a hanging piece I wanted for my room and picture props.  It came out just the way I wanted.

As for the tape recorder, the man said that he couldn’t get it to work.  He just put in 4 new AA batteries and I could take it home for a quarter.  He said, “Maybe you can get it to work.  If not, you get 4 new AA batteries for 25 cents!”  I couldn’t beat that.  Well bless his little heart for putting the batteries in wrong.  It works fine! I recorded my oldest daughter (now 15) when she was younger, and I had been wanting to play them again.   How cute she sounded!  That made my day.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


I love dolls.  Almost any kind of doll.  I mostly love old vintage ones.  A friend of mine recently gave me a bunch of old doll stuff.  Her mother's boyfriend's late wife left a boat load of doll stuff behind.  She was a doll maker.  She had a lot of doll shoes and clothes in the loot.  I opened many doll parts.  It made my day. My daughters love their dolls and are always playing with them.  So I dressed them up with some of the clothes.  This doll is on my Etsy shop.  She is a 1971 CBS doll inc porcelain.  She is soooo cute.  I sometimes have to hold her.  Am I crazy or what?  Her clothes are not the original ones.  They are hand picked by me from the lot of doll clothes I received.