Friday, January 7, 2011

Anthropologie Experience

I just love to window shop at Anthropologie.  The ideas that someone could gain stepping into that wonderland.  My creative juices get to flowing and the next thing I know, I’m crafting. You see, this is where I get my crafting powers when Im running low.
 I can’t get my eyes off their displays.  You can find some of the most interesting arrangements in there.  As soon as I walk in, my eye travel all over the walls, my kids are ignored, and I’m off in Lala land.  I think some of the displays would be good for home décor, do you?
I love everything but the prices.  I occasionally buy a thing or two, but mostly go for the fun.  My girls like it too.  My oldest will show my something that she wants to make or my younger one  will show me something she wants.

If you never been to this store, you have to go and check it out.  Its not just the items they have to sell but the entire store is delicious.  The way they arrange things just makes it all the more appealing. 

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