Monday, March 28, 2011

Wade England Miniatures and More!

OMG!  I found these little tiny cuties at an estate sale this Sunday!  The bag of 13 animals were for 50 cents. Yes you read right 50 cents.  But wait! It gets better because she marked them down to 25 cents.  That's not  25 cent for each, but TWENTY FIVE cents for the whole lot!  I listed these on my etsy shop for $17.  Still not a bad deal for who ever comes along and buys them.

There were 13 animals in all but 2 were chipped very badly and one I forgot to include in the pictures.  It was a dog.  A spaniel of some sort. 

And then I found a bunch of other treasures too.  Take a look.

1961 Color Form play set: 50 cents

Tin full of vintage origami crafts: $3.00

A box full of wooden hangers(only some shown here): $5

Briefcase in mint condition: $2

Baby shoes: 50 cents
I've bought more but haven't took the pictures yet. I have put most of these items up on my etsy shop but some I'm just not able to let go of yet (if you know what I mean).
Well thats it for now.  I'll be back later to post more. 


  1. I used to collect those little Wade English animals when I was a kid. I had over 100 of them. I stupidly sold them before migrating to Australia 7 years ago, at a flea market for next to nothing. Great finds, cute baby shoes too!

  2. Oh darn I wish I was at your sale then. lol

  3. OMG, I'm so jealous, I 'ran' to your shop but the Wades have sold, Oh well, Congrats to you! But I can't complain, I actually have over 60 in my collection~ BUT I DON'T HAVE AN OWL!! ;)
    So glad you've joined Upcyclers, an Etsy team whose members Love 2 Upcycle!

  4. Over 60?! Wow. That's awesome. I love upcycling so I am so glad I found you guys! Thank you for having me.

  5. All I have left now is the brief case and hangers. Everything else is gone. Yay! I haven't even listed the brief case. I love it too much and am not sure I want to sell it. lol