Friday, May 11, 2012

Upcycled Jeans Into a Skirt

Upcycled Jeans Into a Skirt

This skirt was made from an old pair of jeans. I work at an alteration shop here in my hometown. I try to keep and use the scraps I have left over from the jobs. This particular job was just a simple patch on another pair of jeans so the client gave me the extra pair to use for the patch and said I could trash the rest. TRASH THE REST? Yeah right!
I have made a step-by-step process with pictures. 
When I search the web for tutorials, I like the ones with lots of pictures. So that’s how I’m doing mine. More pictures and less talking. I hope this helps anyone who reads these instructions.

You’ll need:
1. old pair of jeans
2. scissors
3. elastic
4. safety pin
5. sewing machine
6. strait pins (optional)

Cut the legs the desired length of the skirt plus seam allowance.

Lay them out side by side and cut them open on the seam. DO NOT cut on the overstitch/safety stitch seam. That will be the middle of the front and back of the skirt.

I’ve seen a similar project done with bell-bottoms. But you don’t need to have bell-bottoms. You can use any pair. Just use the cuff of the pants as the waist the wider part of the pants as the hem.

Now line up the middle seams

Round the wider part for the hem. You might need to cut off the original cuff hem and sew your own waist band if your machine has problems sewing on heavy duty fabric. 

Then cut the sides so that they line up together and are even with the middle seam. 

You might need to cut off more on one side then the other.

Depending on the size of the person, you might need to cut off a little more at the waist. Just taper your cut.

Face right sides together and sew up the sides

Sew up the hem

Sew up your waist making sure you leave room to run the elastic through but leave an opening for your elastic.

Measure your elastic on your subject and hook a safety pin at the end. Guide it through the waist part making sure the other end does not disappear.  Once it is pulled through, sew them together and finish sewing up your elastic opening.

 The skirt is done! Up you can use remaining fabric to sewing on appliqué pictures OR you can cut out the back pocket and sew that on. Let your imagination take you away!!!
Happy Sewing!!!

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